Student fills out Campus Clear screening

Sarah Tooley, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, right, fills out the Campus Clear app in the Skutt Student Center. The university has been doubling down on disciplinary actions for those who do not regularly fill out the app.

In an effort to better protect the Creighton community during the COVID-19 pandemic, disciplinary actions are being taken against those who do not regularly complete daily Campus Clear screenings.

According to an email sent to students, faculty and staff from Creighton Community Standards, three instances of “deliberate noncompliance evidencing disregard for campus safety” are needed for formal disciplinary action to take place.

The first instance of deliberate noncompliance results in a written notification citing the Creighton COVID-19 community standards.

The second instance of noncompliance results in information on the noncompliance being shared with a university representative and a reminder “on the responsibility that each of us has to care for the Creighton community and ourselves.”

The third instance results in a formal disciplinary process by the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing.

Jenni Bragg, assistant director of immunizations and compliance, said that the Campus Clear app is helpful to track the spread of COVID-19.

“It gives students and employees the opportunity to report something if they’re not feeling well,” Bragg said. “And in that case, we can reach out to them and guide them on next steps.”

Although these disciplinary actions are being taken to ensure the safety of those on Creighton’s campus, some students say they are having a difficult time grappling with the Campus Clear app requirements.

“While I understand its importance to fill out the Campus Clear app during this pandemic, it is something that’s easily forgotten about for me - especially on days when I’m not even on campus,” said Heider College of Business junior Isabelle Walz.

“I think some of the punishments for not completing it are a little extreme, but I understand the need for the requirements,” Walz said.

College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Jasmine Guzman agreed and questioned the effectiveness of the Campus Clear policy.

“I think it’s not reliable because people can lie in order to avoid quarantining just for a slight symptom that could not be anything,” Guzman said.

The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing recently announced that the noncompliance warnings sent out from Feb. 8-14 will be excused due to confusion about the start of the official warnings.

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