Bluejay Bites, a student-run organization that provided late-night food service, was shut down on Oct. 13 because of Creighton policy.

“The Creighton community standard says that you are not allowed to sell anything on campus without permission from your resident director and that solicitation within dorm halls is prohibited,” said Pete Cholewa, Heider College of Business sophomore and founder of Bluejay Bites.

Bluejay Bites was created in September and served food for roughly a month before it was shut down.

“I created Bluejay Bites because I realized that there was no late-night food option available on campus,” Cholewa said. “So, I thought why don’t I just create something so that I can serve food to students at a cheap and convenient price.”

Cholewa prepared meals in his dorm room, such as fried chicken strips with cheesy bacon tots, sous vide buffalo chicken slides on toasted Hawaiian rolls with chips and a quesadilla with fries.

The service operated Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Luke Khlas, a Heider College of Business sophomore and Cholewa’s roommate, saw all that went into running Bluejay Bites.

“Being his roommate, I saw all the work that went into it,” said Klahs. “The planning, the ordering, the budgeting and the execution all throughout the night, so it was quite a hassle in my room during that month’s time.”

“I’m sad to see it close down,” Klahs added. “I know he enjoyed it while it lasted and a lot of other people thought it was a really good idea because it filled a niche void on campus.”

Although Bluejay Bites may be closed down for now, Cholewa said there are plans to bring back Bluejay Bites in some form with the already established dining services on campus.

“I’m hopeful for the future because I’ve been working with the head chef of Sodexo,” Cholewa said. “So our goal is to possibly bring back Bluejay Bites to campus for good within one of the dining halls; the more immediate goal that we are working on right now is to set up some sort of cooking workshop inside of Brandeis that is run by Bluejay Bites.”

Waylon Ho, a College of Arts and Sciences sophomore, also shared his thoughts following the shutdown and possible comeback on campus.

“In my opinion, it’s understandable why Bluejay Bites was forced to shut down,” Ho said. “But, I also think that Bluejay Bites becoming an official part of the University’s dining services would be really helpful for students that may have missed dinner or are hungry again.”

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