Adriene Bailey, partner at Oliver Wyman management consulting firm, spoke about the journey to leadership in the Harper Auditrorium.

Bailey works in the transportation sector and advocates for equality in the workplace.  

Bailey discussed times in her life where something struck her and changed her in some way, “lightbulb moments” as she calls them.  

She emphasizes that we should ask ourselves: what motivates me?  

Another lightbulb moment she highlights is that “alpha American culture is not the only way,” acknowledging that business involves cultural differences. This is something that Bailey learned during her time with a Japanese company.  

Bailey discussed her experience being a woman in business. She notes that women’s experiences and needs are left out by the system built around men in the workforce.  

“It was interesting to hear from a woman in a leadership role because we often see men dominating leadership roles,” said Ella Paradis, a freshman in the Heider College of Business. 

Bailey noted that people need to fix the system designed for men instead of trying to fit the system as women.  

“I worked in logistics for a company in the railroad industry, so I thought it was interesting that I was able to relate to Bailey in that way,” said Sidney Linder, a freshman in the Heider School of Business. “It was cool to see someone become a female leader in the transportation industry.”  

Bailey encouraged students to figure out how to find joy in their lives instead of feeling trapped in a career with no other options.  

“I was surprised in learning about Bailey’s various job changes,” said Ike Alexander, a freshman in the Heider College of Business.

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