Screening station on campus

Assistant sports information director Anthony Robinson runs the COVID-19 screening station in the Hixson-Lied Science Building during the fall semester. The screening stations were removed from campus on Feb. 22.

Creighton discontinued the temperature check-in and screening stations on Feb. 22 while Campus Clear requirements remain in place.

Beginning last semester, students, faculty and staff on campus were required to check-in at one of the screening stations open in Hixson-Lied, the Skutt Student Center and the Harper Center front desk.

With COVID-19 cases dropping on campus and in the surrounding Douglas County, screening stations have been discontinued “to resume only with an increase of COVID-19 activity on campus and rising positivity rates in Douglas County,” according to an announcement from the university.

Kendra Scott, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, supports this change as she felt the stations were not sufficient in screening for COVID-19.

“I don’t have a problem with the discontinuation of the screening stations,” Scott said. “To be honest with you, I got screened and passed when I had COVID, so I see no harm in ridding campus of them.”

Scott said she did not realize she had COVID-19 at the time but was still cleared to be on campus at the screening station despite the undetected virus.

College of Arts and Sciences junior Emily Fraser said that though she felt the screening stations were beneficial, their placement made them less accessible for some students.

“I think the screening stations were a useful tool when people used them. The problem with them was there were not enough and they were in inconvenient locations,” Fraser said. “I think Creighton should bring them back but put them in more or better locations to make them more accessible.”

College of Arts and Sciences junior Catherine Grosdidier, said she was used to the screening station routine but hopes the discontinuation marks a positive change.

“It’ll be weird to not be in the habit of going to the screening stations anymore, but it also feels kind of positive knowing we are at a point where we don’t have to get our temperatures taken,” Grosdidier said.

“I hope that discontinuing the screening stations means that we are moving in the right direction of stopping the spread of COVID-19.”

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