Rasmussen Center

A student runs on a treadmill at the Rasmussen Center, which reopened on Oct. 26. Gym equipment has been moved or marked with signs to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

The Rasmussen Center reopened for student fitness on Oct. 26. After being closed for the beginning of the semester because of COVID-19, Creighton has moved into phase two of its response plan.

Phase two includes reopening the Rasmussen Center to provide additional opportunities for health and wellness on Creighton’s campus. With winter approaching, the recreational directors also saw the need to give club sports and athletic teams a space to practice indoors.

The Ras will follow the same procedures seen at the Kiewit Fitness Center.

Greg Durham, director of recreation and wellness, said a lot was learned from the day to day operations of the KFC and the Ras will be following the same protocol with few changes.

“Similar to the KFC we have limited the number of patrons that can be in our facilities at any one time,” Durham said. “The Ras has a limit of 25 patrons at a time. We have moved and closed some equipment so that physical distancing and safe practices can be applied.”

To use the Rasmussen Center, comparable to the KFC, students need to reserve a time slot before arrival.

This will also include the use of COVID-19 safety measures such as facial coverings, social distancing and temperature checks.

Lucy Rankin, a senior in the Heider College of Business, regularly exercises at the KFC and says it is relatively easy to reserve a time slot to use these facilities.

“Certain times fill up pretty fast,” Rankin said. “So I try to reserve my spot the day before and normally if I do that, I don’t have any problems getting a spot.”

Durham said compliance with safety procedures has been strong.

“We have had great compliance with the facial covering policy and students appreciate the reservation system,” Durham said. “We do have more ‘no shows’ than we care to see, but we are working hard to educate the Creighton community on how to cancel reservations and the importance of doing so.”

Rankin also commented on the compliance in Creighton’s recreational facilities.

“Things are going well in the KFC right now, everyone is wiping down machines after they use them, wearing masks and social distancing,” Rankin said.

The Rasmussen Center will be open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“The decision to open the Ras from 3 to 9 was made based on data,” Durham said.

“Our reservation data shows that we are busiest in those hours. Every time slot in the KFC has been completely booked during these windows.”

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The Rasmussen Center reopened for student fitness on Oct. 26. After being closed for the beginning of the semester because of COVID-19, ... by Sonhar com cobra

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