Jesuit Residence hall rendering featuring glass cubed chapel and several floors of residences

The reference for Creighton’s new Jesuit residence hall features community style living among several floors and a glass cubed chapel for faith based engagement among faculty and students. As part of Forward Blue, the hall will be open in the fall of 2023.

The up-and-coming Jesuit Residence Hall broke ground and was named while the campus’ Forward Blue campaign continues to push forward the university’s campus and scholarships. 

The Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J. presented at the groundbreaking on Sept. 15 which gave the Creighton community insight into what the newly named, Jérôme Nadal, S.J., Jesuit Residence will look and feel like. 

The Jérôme Nadal, S.J., Jesuit Residence, is named after one of St. Ignatius’ right hand men; a man who is credited with the theology of Ignatian spirituality. This name highlights the many amenities and facilities that the new residence will offer to Creighton’s valued Jesuits. 

Jérôme Nadal, S.J. began his studies in Theology at the University of Paris where he crossed paths with St. Ignatius and his “friends of the lord.” He kept his distance and received his doctorate in Theology before joining forces with St. Ignatius in Rome at the age of thirty-eight. 

One of the most prominent features of the new hall will be its cubed glass chapel, sitting just behind Creighton Hall. This chapel will be named “Our Lady of Montserrat Chapel” and is part of the long Jesuit story of St. Ignatius and his journeys before founding the Society of Jesus. 

The hall will feature 29 bedrooms for Creighton’s Jesuits on campus as well as five guest facilities for those Jesuits visiting campus from worldwide destinations. Additionally, the residence hall will feature a dining hall and a library; this makes the facility a hub of spiritual activity for those devoted to the Society of Jesus. 

The hall will open in Fall of 2023 alongside the Freshman residence hall across the street from it and the CL Werner Health Sciences building to the northwest of campus. Creighton’s campus improvements continue to approach completion quickly and without haste.

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