New school year, new branding for the former CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE. It is now called the “CHI Health Center Omaha.”

This comes after the contract with CenturyLink expired, and they did not extend it. Roger Dixon, President and CEO of Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority, said that “it will take about a million dollars to fully rebrand the arena,” according to KETV. This means that all of the menus and signs inside the arena are also being altered to reflect the change, and according to KETV they have 90 days to do it. This deadline is right before the start of Creighton’s basketball season, so it’s certain to make an impact on the face of the Creighton men’s basketball team, whose home court is the former CenturyLink Center.

College of Arts and Sciences sophomore and Blue Crew member Sydney Vogelsang said, “I do not think that it will change the branding much. I remember when it was the Quest Center before CenturyLink, and it took everyone a little bit of adjusting but they got used to it eventually.”

With these exciting changes to the Omaha community, fans look forward to October 27 when the Jays take on Winona State at the new CHI Health Center Omaha for their season opener.

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Erin Easterling

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