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College of Arts and Sciences senior Nick Garcia works on his laptop on the Kiewit Fitness Center spine. This is a popular place for studying, but the noise from the KFC is distracting for many students.

The Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, the Health Sciences Library and the Skutt Student Center have opened up socially distanced spaces for use by students who are enrolled in hybrid or fully online classes and need a place to attend Zoom classes on campus.

“We received many requests from both students and administrators that students

needed places on campus to have Zoom classes or meetings,” Debra Sturges, depart- ment head of Access Services and Opera- tions said.

As of Tuesday, 11 rooms are available for individual use in the Reinert-Alumni Me- morial Library and nine rooms are open at the Health Sciences Library.

Students are able to reserve seats in these rooms for up to two hours at a time using the library websites and will be required to check in upon arrival.

The rooms were originally designed to fit a maximum of four people. However, Sturges said that the rooms’ policies have changed to comply with social distancing.

“They’re not group rooms anymore. They’re individual rooms,” Sturges said.

She added that food is not allowed in these rooms and students are required to wear their masks and clean the rooms after use.

“We’re happy to be able to provide these spaces for the students that need them. We’re hoping that people will respect the fact that if they just want a place to study, there’s plenty of other seats available and that these rooms are really needed by stu- dents who have to communicate and have the quiet space available to be able to do that,” Sturges said.

“It’s not difficult to find a seat on campus. There are always tables open, but finding an environment that’s quiet enough to Zoom

is definitely difficult,” Amanda Brewster, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences said.

“I have five classes in a row that are all back-to-back with no breaks,” Brewster said. She lives off campus. “There’s not enough time between my online classes in the morning and my afternoon in-person classes to drive to campus, find a parking spot, get screened and get into a classroom.”

Jack Robertson, marketing strategist for the Division of Student Life said, “Rooms

104 and 105 in the Skutt Student Center have been converted to provide addition- al space for commuter students to Zoom, study or relax.”

Both rooms have socially distanced ta- bles that are designed for one student each. “It’s our hope that these stations will pre- vent students from having to rush home or make multiple trips to and from campus in

a day,” Robertson said.

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