Well Being Week kicked off on Monday with the intention of helping students focus on mental health during a peak time of stress in the semester.

The program, part of the RSP curriculum, consists of over 30 events at various times and locations across campus spanning a period of two weeks.

Joe Ecklund, director of academic success and educational opportunity, said that the idea for Well Being Week began as a suggested co-curricular program for students in RSP from the RSP Advisory Group. Once it was approved, it became a required event for all students enrolled in RSP classes.

Although the program is aimed primarily at first year students, Ecklund said that most events are open to all students. He hopes that the program acts as an instigator of thought and conversation for students regarding mental health on campus.

“At a minimum, we hope students think about their own wellness and how they are taking care of themselves,” Ecklund said. “Helping students realize that the University cares about their mental health and wellness — and what resources exist for them is a another goal.”

Freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences Mckenna Stowell attended an event with comedian Pete Lee sponsored by Creighton Students Union Program Board.

Stowell said that attending the event gave her a chance to take a break from her day to sit, listen and laugh.

“It was nice to do something to break up the week,” she said.

Stowell was grateful that there was such a diverse list of activities open to students.

“I like the variety of the programs. There was also an option for coloring or massages. It’s nice to have a bunch of stuff to pick from,” she said.

While comedian Pete Lee offered a more lighthearted approach to the week, Ecklund commented about his hope for the week to meet each individual student’s needs.

“Hopefully, some of the programs will touch a student much more deeply as well, especially if there is a real need there,” he said.

The program is formed around the Jesuit mission of the university. Ecklund said that the number of organizations and departments on campus that were willing to get involved speaks for itself.

“I think it goes to the heart of what we mean when we say that we live out the Jesuit ideal of Cura Personalis,” Ecklund said. “The fact that so many different people are willing to sponsor events during this week is a statement in and of itself that the Creighton community values students’ well-being.”

Some events listed as a part of the program include a yoga class, freshman VIA hike at Fontanelle Forest Park, a meal prep workshop, a mindful massage and a puzzle night.

One event is even coordinated by other students in the Active Minds chapter on campus — the “Be the Light” event on Nov. 14 in Rigge 120. This event will highlight the role that students play in supporting mental health.

The Well Being Week program includes events through next Friday. More information as well as links to RSVP can be found on the CU Involved website.

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