Jackson Stamper, a senior in the Heider College of Business, speaks to a crowd on Oct. 20 for JayTalks, a new event added to this year’s Business Symposium lineup. 

The nation’s largest student-run business conference was held on Friday at the CHI Health Center. 

According to the Creighton Heider College of Business website, the Creighton Business Symposium has been held annually since 2004 and each year has enabled the Creighton community and global business executives to come together and “discuss current issues in today’s dynamic business environment” as well as provide an opportunity for students to seek internship and full-time career opportunities. 

Heider College of Business student and sponsorship committee member, Luke Klahs, described the event as “a great experience and something that almost every business student goes to.” 

The Symposium brought together many different businesses including one of the largest privately owned subsidiaries in the United States: First National Bank. 

“We are always looking to fill positions and the Creighton Business Symposium allows us to reach out to students who may be interested,” said Mike Wahrman, representative of First National. 

After scheduled networking sessions, breakout rooms were created to discuss different panel topics including sports analytics, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, student investments and several other topics. 

The 2021 Business Symposium student organizers team consists of 16 members separated into focus groups: coordinators, sponsorship committee, marketing committee, logistics committee and the creative committee. 

Klahs stated that the Business Symposium took months of planning and careful consideration was put into each decision. 

“Even though we have access to the 17 years of data from the previous symposiums we try to build off that and start fresh with sponsors,” said Klahs. “We were meeting with sponsors every other week throughout the summer trying to figure out what we could do for them and what they could do for us. After all of our hard work it feels good to finally see it all come together.” 

While the event creates many experiences and opportunities for Creighton students, many students, including Klahs, remember attending the symposium as a high school student as something that cemented their decision to attend Creighton. 

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