When I walk to the back of Jack & Ed’s, I am faced with the line of refrigerators, filled with sodas, energy drinks, waters and many more beverages, but it’s the Peace Teas that always catch my attention.

In terms of value, it’s one of the best purchases you can make. As one of the cheapest beverages available despite sitting at a whopping 23 fluid ounces per can, the Peace Tea is a must-get for people craving a sweet and fruity drink.

After approaching the different available flavors, choosing the best one might seem difficult, so I have ranked the five teas currently available at Jack & Ed’s from worst to first so that you don’t have to suffer through an inadequate one.

Speaking of inadequate, the peach tea is the worst by a wide margin.

For fans of fruit cups, the peach ones are a treat. The syrup is magnificently sweet, so if you can’t get enough of that sugar-filled liquid with the relatively high viscosity, then the peach tea will be your go-to. For most who had enough of the peach flavor after one fruit cup, steer clear from this overbearing drink.

Next up we have the razzleberry tea. What’s a razzleberry? Probably a fancy raspberry, and you know what, it tastes pretty good. However, it fails to stand out from the others. For fans of raspberry flavored foods, this tea might be for you, but if you’re not a fanatic, then it’s mediocre at best.

I would even argue that it’s zero sugar counterpart tastes better because of how it tones down the sweet flavor.

Third, the Arnold Palmer, tea and lemonade, is a pleasant surprise from the others. Its emphasis on balancing both flavors make it stand out. This double-sided focus does wonders in maintaining the fruity pop and soothing tea after taste, matching the brilliance of the original.

For sweet tooth maniacs, which I am not, sno-berry is the best choice for you, and I rank it as my second favorite. For those interested in knowing what a sno-berry is, you’re out of luck. The best I’ve got is albino blueberry.

However, instead of contemplating the origin of the name, you should grab yourself one of these because it masters the fruity sensation like none other. Even though it lacks any kind of tea flavor, the sno-berry’s sweetness does wonders while not reaching extremes as high as the peach one.

Lastly, we have the green tea mango flavor. If you were hoping for a significant tea taste in any of the previous four, you’d be left disappointed. Even the tea and lemonade option pales in delivering the distinct, tea taste that the green tea mango one does. 

Furthermore, the mango flavor only accentuates the green tea, creating the consummate, guilty pleasure beverage by combining bitter and tropical sweetness. 

In the end though, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Peace Teas unless you got the peach one. Don’t worry, I made that mistake once too.

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