On Feb. 4 at 7 a.m., ESPN released its 2022 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.

ESPN’s Bracketology is a predicted bracket that is updated about every week that contains 68 of the best college basketball teams. This bracket shifts weekly based on how teams in the country are performing at the time, but once the regular season and conference tournaments wrap up the March Madness teams are selected, and the bracket is set.

The bracket is chosen by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee, but many prediction brackets are produced beforehand like the one from ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, a well-known sports analyst.

The bracket that was posted most recently contains Creighton as one of the last four teams that would make it in.

However, after the bracket was posted, Creighton suffered a terrible loss to Seton Hall, 55-74.

After that loss, I believe that if the tournament started today that Creighton would most likely miss it by a very close call.

That being said, there are still nine games left in the season and Creighton still has a great chance to make the tournament.

When looking at our next couple of games, I believe Creighton will pick up some much-needed wins against Georgetown and it will help us improve our team’s resume.

As of now we only have three top 25 ranked matchups left and winning one of them may just guarantee our spot in the tourney for this year. On top of this, two out of the three ranked teams left on our schedule are teams that we have already beaten once.

So, if the Bluejays can continue to perform well, I am confident that Creighton will pull out looking good enough to enter March Madness.

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