With cozy sweaters and flannels and a newfound chill in the air, fall is here in full force. Now that summer is over, I am excited to partake in some of my favorite activities to do at this time of the year. 

Considering how the weather in Omaha is prone to change and get cold very fast, I enjoy spending time outside while the weather is still above freezing. 

I love just walking around campus and seeing the orange, yellow and red leaves on the ground. One of my favorite spots to walk around is the Jesuit Gardens and I try to take advantage of the peacefulness and beauty before it gets too cold for me to go. 

Additionally, I enjoy going to Starbucks and trying their seasonal drinks and food. Starbucks adds new drinks and food to their menu every year, and during the fall time, they bring back some of my favorites. My all time favorite drink is getting a grande Iced Chai with the pumpkin cream cold foam on top. Foodwise, I enjoy the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin which has the perfect mixed flavor of both salty and sweet. 

“My favorite Starbucks drink is the Pumpkin Spice Latte because it is something I grew up drinking and it keeps me cozy and warm,” said freshman Ameera Rashoka. “I love all pumpkin things and I would recommend this drink to anyone.” 

Another activity I partake in is transitioning my clothing style from bright and colorful to more warm and cozy. Cardigans are a nice twist because they are comfy and add a more stylish look to a plain outfit. For fall I try to buy things in colors such as burgundy, olive, gray and mustard. 

“I love wearing cardigans because they make every outfit more interesting,” said freshman Ally McGlone. “Anyone can pull it off and it's an easy option if you are in a rush but you still want to look cute.” 

I also enjoy wearing my Doc Martens during fall because they are a classic staple piece that won’t go out of style. Once I broke them in, they felt comfortable and they made me feel confident in what I am wearing. 

Baking is a perfect fall activity especially for when it gets too cold outside and you want to stay in. Making apple pie is a family tradition of ours that I look forward to each year. Even if baking isn’t really your thing, many stores like Costco and Whole Foods offer cupcake decorating kits.

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