Recently, I’ve been in a movie mood, and by movie mood I mean I’ve watched two movies in two days; buck wild of me, a busy, hardworking man of God. 

As an overworked and extremely faithful Creighton student, I find myself not having much time to watch movies or sit down to watch a TV show as of late. 

Therefore, if I do it has to be really good and I have to know that I want to watch it, I can’t just stumble across it. I have to consciously make the time to say, “this movie or TV show will have long lasting and positive effects on me, therefore it is worth my time.” 

So often, as a busy person, I feel like all my freetime must be used in an efficient manner. 

In my mind, even my freetime is scheduled. To be clear though, I never have schedules and kind of just hope that everything works out, my efficiency is really more a sense of urgency. 

That being said, I sat down to watch two movies I’ve wanted to watch for a while, mainly for one reason and one reason alone, costumes. I watched “The Fifth Element” and “B.A.P.S” both of which have heavily influenced fashion on one of my favorite shows, “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” 

Because I was watching the two of these movies for a reason, I felt I had a reason to relax, and I did, which was nice. “The Fifth Element” was a movie I had wanted to watch for a while because its futuristic sense of fashion really propelled the late 90’s fashion sense forward with costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier along with John Galiano and Karl Lagerfield really stamped themselves with modernity and their costumes hold up today. Movies like “The Fifth Element” and “The Matrix” that take extra special attention to detail are ones that do a lot of the plot work in other places in my opinion. 

For example, “The Fifth Element” wasn’t that great of a movie, but it kept my attention fairly well because the characters looked great and I am an easily-pleased child. 

Same goes for the other fashion forward movie, “B.A.P.S” featuring beautiful and extravagant hair from an important perspective, the Black one. I thought that “B.A.P.S” was significantly less entertaining plot wise but what it lacked in story it more than made up for in costumes. 

These girls looked phenomenal throughout the entire movie, costume changes in just about every scene, each one better than the last. 

Not only did these two movies come out the gate with great costumes, they proved the vision of the costumes as, even today when I watch “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” the judges say things like, “very fifth element, or very ‘B.A.P.S’ inspired.” 

If I’m honest, that’s the only reason I watched the movies because I wanted to understand the references and what is life if not referential? 

Even though these movies weren’t truly life changing, which I may find myself thinking my free time needs to be, I learned a little bit about fashion, and I honed my references.

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