As a breakfast connoisseur, Saturdays and Sundays on campus are an exciting time. Witnessing the beauty of the vegetarian station, chef’s station and yogurt station at Brandeis is a must-see event. Just a glimpse at the sheer awesomeness contained behind the plexiglass is enough to satisfy my hunger.

Nevertheless, I still indulge these three stations, enjoying every last morsel from the pancakes, French toast or other sweet delight at the vegetarian station. Admittedly, I once made the mistake of skipping this station like many poor souls do every weekend, but alas, I have seen the light and proudly frequent the station every week.

Following this, instead of heading to the pasta station, I get to head to the chef’s station where the omelets are being prepared. While the long line pains my chest, I know the end result will be great.

Then, as a proper breakfast connoisseur, I always ask for everything except mushrooms, ensuring the best quality while also testing the chef’s ability to incorporate so many ingredients.

While I listen to the sizzle and let an occasional dribble of saliva leak out of my mouth in anticipation, I shift over to the yogurt station and acquire my dessert, stacked in this order: yogurt, berries, yogurt. It never fails.

After this, I shuffle back to the chef’s station in time to witness the legendary folding of the omelet, marveling at the cheese being melted in between. With a smile, I grab the box and give my thanks while also accepting my fate.

Yet again, there was no salsa.

As a true breakfast connoisseur, I see the inclusion of Sriracha or hot sauce on an omelet to be an inadequate replacement for the cool, chunky salsa. The way it seemingly melts and intertwines with the egg, dancing together to create the consummate, savory entree, is nothing short of spectacular.

In turn, even though I appreciate the effort this semester, the lack of a salsa option worries me as I fear for the longevity of the omelet station.

Surely, the people will riot. Yet at the same time, I understand the staff’s current decision.

During non-COVID years, the salsa was self-serve; however, with the pandemic, self-serve is no longer a valid option. Despite this, the people are seeing through the excuses and their voices want to be heard.

Just as Sriracha is applied by the chef, surely, a salsa bowl could be placed next to the ingredients. This seemingly easy fix hasn’t yet been implemented, and the lack of action is what really concerns me.

Without salsa, the omelet is left relatively dry after the half-way point. The entanglement of ingredients sucks away the juices that the salsa would provide. Despite this, the omelets are not inedible and the flavor is definitely still there.

It is still far from perfect though.

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