Seemingly every day, there’s some kind of technological improvement, whether it be a simple update that fixes bugs or a new gaming console that will shake up the market. For some, this constant stream of changes is a daunting concept.

In the blink of an eye, one piece of technology or software you might have held near and dear to you has been changed or become outdated and dysfunctional. For example, Vine failed to change how its platform worked, allowing competitors like Snapchat and YouTube to claim the video sharing market.

Meanwhile, products like phones and computers are constantly surpassed with new additions. With every update and new phone, my own slide phone I had in high school became more and more irrelevant, as using it became a chore in combination with others. While the technological world around the phone I had changed, my phone stayed put. I couldn’t even participate in group texts because messages came through individual phone numbers, forcing me to go back and forth between contacts to piece together the chain.

With this rapid development, the possibility for error in technology updates increases because being able to cover every base is nearly impossible, especially when it comes to apps. Sometimes, taking advantage of these errors can save time and money.

One of the best examples comes from Spotify. Some of the perks of the premium version include no ads, the ability to repeat songs, scrub through songs, cycle through a playlist in order and use an unlimited number of skips. A free Spotify account on a device that isn’t a phone actually has all these premium features aside from no ads.

Furthermore, if one were to listen on a computer and then switch over to the phone mid-song, the premium features can temporarily switch over. Still, ads can be frustrating, which might make premium a worthwhile purchase. Good thing you can quit the app and reopen it to skip them.

With these two tidbits, I essentially have Spotify premium without paying a cent.

Another update I can take advantage of is the touch bar on the MacBook Pro, which provides the user with shortcuts and commands, changing options according to what the user does. When I’m streaming a video or song, a scrubber bar appears. This scrubber bar is extremely useful whenever an add pops up because I can scrub through the advertisement using the touch bar.

In turn, I’m able to skip ads on streaming services like YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify as long as I’m in a browser.

These technological miscues allow me to save time and money, and it sure feels good to know that my wallet is a little fuller.

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