It’s time to replace the Public Broadcasting Service. Let’s be honest, nobody trusts it anymore. Their transparent business methods, independent board of directors and consistent track record in bringing informative news and educational programming just isn’t drawing in the viewers that it used to.

It’s the end of the road for PBS. Look at how well other state-owned companies are doing. Nobody in China is complaining about the way Xinhua is delivering the news. RT is basically a household name at this point. You know what people from either of those countries would say if you asked them about PBS? “Who? I’ve never heard of them. Of course Russia gives me access to foreign news sources.”

Let’s be honest, state-run news is dominating the world right now. And you know how they did it? A complete disregard of facts and a solid belief that their country is the best, and that the world needs to know about it.

PBS just doesn’t have the courage to do that. It’s a sad reality of our modern media culture. We could be leading the world right now, telling them all the things they really want to know about the United States. How there aren’t any problems here, and we really are a great country. But if we do that, someone would just cry “fake news” and shut the whole thing down.

And that’s just how it is, but it isn’t how it has to be. We could get rid of it in a day. Some fringe fiscal conservatives have been trying to defund it for decades. All we need is a few more, and away it goes. Then we can finally replace it with the broadcasting service we need.

The Worldwide Network – just imagine it. This would be a true state owned, cable news network. Shady corporate practices, unclear sources and mostly just straight propaganda. Just everything America really wants rights now. Everything that we want the world to think about us, on air and online 24/7 for the entire world to see. And of course, all of it completely liable to and run by the administrative branch.

No longer must we groan in pain as the chime for NewsHour sounds on our television, knowing that everyone has free public access to an hour long news program run in the fairest way possible. No longer will Big Bird hold our children’s minds hostage, teaching them about the terrible communist concepts like the color red. It’s time to overthrow the tyranny of PBS, and replace it with the tyranny of the state


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