Honesty allows us to have a sense of transparency, regardless of the situation. It might be used to convey one’s emotions or help someone through a tough situation, such as when providing relationship advice. 

Where do we draw the line with honesty, though? Are there moments where it should be avoided? 

Not sugar coating the facts of the matter allows for complete transparency in that the cause and effect of scenarios are laid out in a black and white fashion. The lack of tip-toeing around the truth allows for both parties to be on the same page, address the issue, and come to a reasonable conclusion as a result. 

As a result, the honest person becomes more reliable for advice and feedback. 

Telling the truth is liberating, too. It allows for no reason to be questioned nor does it leave any room for doubt. 

The honest person can be counted on more often than the liar. 

However, there are some setbacks to telling the truth or being brutally honest all the time. 

Even though not being able to tell a lie is a pro, it is also a con. If someone were to trust another person with a secret, it might not be so easy to lie if a third party were to ask about it. 

No matter what kind of tone is used in one’s voice, the truth may still be perceived as rude. For example, if a girl were to ask if she looked good in a dress, and the honest person said, “No,” then the girl might become defensive and feel insecure. 

Being honest may also lead him/her to believe that everyone else is honest as well. It is not until the sudden reaction to the truth that sparks a realization that that is not always the case. 

It comes down to the scenario at hand and being able to “read the room” to act accordingly.

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