I know how tempting it is to turn off the Zoom camera halfway through a discussion. My eyes begin to glaze over and Twitter calls my name. As I head into week four of this semester, I’ve thought about the value of staying engaged in online classes. While it is for the sake of my wallet and post-grad plans, it is also for the sake of my professors.

As a senior, I’ve spent the last four years cultivating worthwhile relationships with many professors at Creighton. They’ve mentored me through difficult decisions and career crises; they’ve always been a friendly face when I needed them. And now, it’s my turn to be the same for them.

I think it’s clear that professors are struggling with the new technology challenges. It can be exceedingly frustrating for both parties — and may even make us question the value of a partially online education. But they spent their summer crafting alternative syllabi and planning for the unknown. These adaptations don’t come easily. It’s up to us to be patient as they learn.

Be gracious to professors as they navigate. Keep your camera on if you can — you may be the friendly face they need.

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