The tides of change are upon us, and somehow, we continue to get swept back by the waves of stagnation and resistance. 

With the decision to not charge the police officers responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor and her killing fresh on our minds, there is a bitter taste in our mouths. The taste of sorrow, confusion, and disappointment. 

Breonna, we screamed your name from the rooftops and we were not heard. Breonna, we screamed your name from the streets and we were not heard. We are sorry that justice was not served. 

There is a serious disregard for African American and Black lives in America. The unsettling interactions between people of color and police officers continue to go unpunished in our society. Justice needs to be served for the victims of these unjust killings. The lives of people of color are valuable and they do matter. America’s justice system needs to respect that. 

 We fought for a cause, and we marched for the movement. We spoke Breonna’s name, and we were met with opposition. Tear gas in our eyes and batons in our back. Handcuffs on our wrist, accompanied by the loss of innocence. Guns against our skin and the darkness of the night shielding their sins.

 The peaceful protest was a peaceful movement. We were peacefully exercising our right to protest, yet we received criticism. We didn’t protest the way you like because you don’t want us to scream and fight. It’s quite evident, you prefer no Black people in sight. You simply prefer the silence of your nights, and we prefer our lives. 

 People of color are extremely disappointed in the outcome of the grand jury on Breonna Taylor’s case. We pray to see meaningful change in the future and a newfound respect for the lives of people of color. 

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