Halloween may have come and gone but these movies are ones that you could, theoretically, watch at any time throughout the fall season. These cult-classics and Disney channel originals are all movies that are mandatory viewing for everyone at some point throughout their lives. So, before we jump into Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at some of the best movies that I hope you watched during your spooky October; spoilers ahead! 

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

If you haven’t seen this movie, where have you been for the past 40 years? This movie is the quintessential cult classic that will leave you confused, disturbed, and deeply intrigued. Despite flopping upon initial release in 1975, the movie has increasingly gained popularity and continues to grow, grossing around $170 million to date. The movie centers around many subjects that would have been taboo in the 1970’s such as transgendered people, drag performers, mainstream catholic ideals and people’s deepest lustful desires. It’s campy, it’s sexual, and it’s brilliant. 

2. Halloweentown 

This classic Disney channel original movie was a huge part of my childhood and maybe it was part of yours as well. I would watch this movie year round and while it may not be as fun to watch as a young adult anymore it still brings me such a sense of nostalgia that I can’t help but fall in love with it all over again. I’m not going to spoil this one because it’s not necessarily a blockbuster hit but it brings me comfort knowing that I can always go watch it and be brought back to a magical childhood whenever I want to! 

3. Psycho 

As you can tell, I’m only giving you the classics here on this list and “Psycho” is another film that is equal parts scary, equal parts classic early Hollywood cinema. The black and white film is classic horror and if you haven’t seen this movie you are seriously missing out on some of the best early thriller content in the industry. It evokes emotion and the surprise twist at the end will leave you dying for more. 

4. Carrie 

Not only does Carrie’s pigs blood soaked white dress make for a terrifyingly good Halloween costume for next year, this movie also makes the list as a fantastic spooky and terrifyingly weird classic. Carrie holds up nearly 40 years after its initial release and is a great way to end off your Halloween season. In this mostly psychological horror film, the young teenage witch finds herself at a crossroads during high school and at home, feeling left out everywhere she goes, but not after prom night. 

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The last movie on this list is a nice segway into the next season, Christmas! The Nightmare Before Christmas is near and dear to my heart and is also such a great movie because they somehow combine two completely different seasons together so perfectly! I also love stop motion animation pictures and I feel like it adds to the creep factor of the movie. Of course this is a family friendly movie but cozying up inside with a warm drink and good company, watching this movie on a cold evening later this season could be a great way to have some much needed down time before finals. 

We've concluded Halloween 2021, so, before we start thinking about Christmas and thanksgiving, watch some scary movies.

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