On Nov. 25, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency released tear gas upon hundreds of migrants that were seeking asylum in the United States. Photographs soon surfaced of children and families running from the gas with tears in their eyes. These images created a knot in one’s stomach, and if they did not, they should have.

To go as far as using harsh and harmful chemicals on humans merely seeking a better life is pitiful. These people are not criminals. They are humans just the same as any other American citizen. They just were not fortunate enough to be born in a country where gang violence is not an epidemic, and where one does not have to fear for their life every night when going to bed. While certain parts of the country are crime-ridden, it is better than living in the utterly violence-ridden country of Honduras, and to force a person to go back to a life such as that is sickening. 

We have plenty of resources to aid these migrants seeking asylum. If we do not, I am sure there is some money available from our $716 billion military budget to help these struggling families. The more we turn them away with dehumanizing tactics such as tear gas, the more we become a country that others want to avoid. We continually showcase to others that we have only our own intentions in mind. The mindset of us and only us is going to turn on us in the future when we reach out and nobody is there to help because he or she is either scared or angry. 

Acceptance breeds unity and strength. We are stronger when we work with others, but to do that we have to let them in, not gas them out. It is also merely the right action morally to let these people find asylum. A large portion of the country has become so fearful that these people will hurt us they have not taken the time to realize they need help, and we are one of the only ones that can. While Mexico is housing some for now, they need help, and if we ignore the fear-mongering then we can step up and save these families from their old lives.

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