Lately, my friends and I have been discussing the proposition that “everything happens for a reason.” 

It was initially brought up in recruitment for Fraternity and Sorority Life here on campus. All my friends were saying, “you will find the right chapter for you,” and, “everything happens for a reason.”  

Thankfully, I believe the right chapter did find me. I am very happy in my sorority, and I am grateful things worked out in my favor. Many of my friends thought the same thing with their chapters.  

However, outside of FSL, does everything truly happen for a reason? My good friends Meggan Kocourek and Kathryn Barrow both had excellent insights. 

Kathryn brought up the idea that not everything always happens for a positive reason.  

Let’s say something goes wrong in your life. Your family dog could pass on, you could stub your toe on one of the black poles on the mall, or you could accidentally fall into the fountain outside of St. John’s. 

Whatever the circumstance would be, you could learn from it. You can learn how to control your temper, you can learn how to be more sympathetic towards others going through the same thing or you could become a great meme in your friend group’s group chat.  

In all seriousness, you will have many minor inconveniences, and they might blossom into great attributes.  

For example, Meggan talked about the fact that she didn’t get into her dream school, but she ended up at Creighton and found some of her best friends in the world. Although your setbacks seem negative, they could eventually turn into huge positives.  

This could also be known as the butterfly effect. 

One minuscule detail could turn into a massive factor in your life. One day in kindergarten, I decided to sit by a random girl on the bus ride home from school. She was the only one that had a seat open next to her, and I was forced to sit by her.  

Although it seemed like nothing in the moment, this girl turned out to be my best friend in the entire world and is the closest thing I will ever have to a sister.  

Everything in life happens for a reason. No matter how small or negative it is, it is all for the greater good.


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