Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Being able to dress up and plan your outfits for Halloween weekend (or Halloweekend) has always excited me. I am the type of person to plan out my costume months in advance.

I have an entire list of potential Halloween costume ideas in my notes app. I take Halloween extremely seriously and it always bums me out when other people don’t.

I had two costumes this year. One night I was an alien with one of my good friends here at school. We bought our metallic dresses in advance, we got antennas, and silver makeup. We also had our other friend meticulously crimp our hair.

We went all out.

The other night I wore a red and white striped shirt and black circular glasses and went as Where’s Waldo. I thought it was super unique and I had so many people yelling all night that, “I found Waldo.”

It is really disappointing when I see other people put on a suit and tie and say they are businessmen or wear all black and say they are emo.

Halloween is the one day of the year when you can really let your creative side shine. It’s fun to participate.

It gives me a flashback to high school homecoming week. My school would always come up with the best themes for each day of the week and sometimes I felt like I was the only one to participate.

On spirit days I would show up in my blue and gold overalls and my hair in space buns with blue and gold glitter on my face. I would always get self-conscious when my friends would show up with a school sweatshirt.

Halloween is super similar. The more thought and effort you put into your cos- tume, the more you are going to love Halloween. Participation is key. The more effort you put into your costume, the better it’s going to be.

Be unique and let your costumes be a good reflection of your personality.

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