Until this year, Creighton was ranked the number one regional university in the Midwest by U.S. News and World Report. However, Creighton has earned its place among national universities, having just missed the top 100 in its first year. Does this really mean anything for Creighton’s quality of education?

Though we students have already braved the process of applying to undergraduate programs, society’s obsession with college name and rank hovers over our heads and heavily influences the decisions of future students. We all know the big names, the Harvard- and Stanford-type schools, but their students are not fundamentally different from the rest; we all want to succeed, and have the capability to do so.

The primary goal for most college students after graduation is to either take the next step in their education or to proceed toward finding a career. Creighton students consistently succeed in their transition to the next stage of their lives, but this is not accounted for when ranking national universities. If both a top 10 and a top 200 school can get their students job offers or acceptance into graduate programs does the number in front of the name really matter?

Additionally, the methods by which the hundreds of colleges in the United States are reviewed are entirely subjective, and differ between each ranking source. One cannot help but question what separates the 99th best college from the 100th.  

As current Creighton students, it’s important to remind ourselves of our potential and our worth. While we may rank well amongst other colleges, it is up to the individual student to use the resources available and to use time efficiently.

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