I wasn’t planning to write anything this week. I hate goodbyes. I’ve always been more of a “promise to keep in contact then slowly taper things off until we forget about each other” type person, and I wasn’t going to mess with that formula just because I was graduating.

But here I am with 200-words to fill at the bottom of the opinion page, which no matter of stretching and editing is going to fill. So even though I think it’s a bit presumptuous to be making a one-sided goodbye and even though I know there are two other opinions from seniors reflecting on their time at Creighton, I’ve been trapped into saying something heartfelt by a lack of material from the other writers. How dare they.

Goodbye Creighton, and thanks for reading/not reading/vehemently hating my opinions for the last two years. I hope you’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss all of you, or at least pretend to. You've been there for me when I tried to shoehorn in awful jokes, got overly religious, had strong opinions that made no sense, and of course, occasionally wrote something that some people might call "just OK."

Also, special shout-out to all the late-night desk workers who have been my most loyal readers since there’s nothing to do at 3 a.m. and the Creightonian just happens to be there. You're the real heroes.

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