2020 is a landmark year for college students. Through hardship and heartache, it is now more than ever that our generation has the chance to contribute our voices to the national community. 

No matter the party, it is imperative that college students take advantage of our privilege to vote.

At this point in our lives, it is so difficult not to get swept up in political discourse of some kind. Everyone has an issue that pertains to them, and to a certain degree, everyone has an opinion on such issues.

With the added advantage of involvement in an academic community, college students should be able to obtain knowledge regarding current events in some form. 

Creighton in particular gives students the ability to access some news outlets for free. There is no truly valid excuse for students not being aware of the current national issues.

Unfortunately, learning about recurring political topics, formulating opinions on them and choosing a candidate based on those opinions requires a sacrifice of time and effort. 

For college students in particular, these are precious assets that many feel should not be wasted on something they, as individuals, cannot control.

Along with this mindset, it can be hard to visualize the role one plays in the political realm if all they can do is cast one vote. If someone comes from a state that consistently votes one way, they may not feel that their vote is essential.

We are not given many options in our national elections, and it often feels as though we must choose between the lesser of two evils. When faced with a decision like this, one may conclude that the most meritorious option is to not vote at all.

The only true advice I can offer is to integrate your values into your actions. If you know one of the two candidates will be chosen, reflect upon your core values and offer your stance, even if you cannot fully agree with either person.

Everyone is affected by the election, and if you have the chance to stand by others of like-mind, you should take advantage of it.

Your voice matters. Please vote.

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