As Halloween approaches, stores across the nation begin to revamp their candy production, and we willingly accept their tributes to the spooky season with open mouths and sweet teeth. 

In preparation for this day, we must return to the drawing board and come up with a game plan so that we can more efficiently consume our beloved candies, ensuring that only the best end up in our stomachs.

My passion for efficiency has led me to uncovering secrets about candies that have been lost for centuries: the legendary top five list. It is out of this selfless passion that I now present to you the definitive, undeniable five best Halloween candies.

Number five on the list is the lemon crisp Kit Kat. Before you suddenly disavow the holy sacredness of this list, hear me out. Although it’s commonly lumped into Easter time, the lemon flavor is severely underrated, and when combined with the crunchy goodness of a Kit Kat, it creates the consummate texture of wafer and slick lemon cream.

Plus, I haven’t even had to mention how the lemon crisp Kit Kat tastes better than the Girl Scouts lemon cookie. All of this together makes for an admirable finish at the number five spot.

Next is the white chocolate Kit Kat. I know what you’re thinking. Two Kit Kats on the same list? That’s crazy. But have you tried a white chocolate Kit Kat? Even though I’m a huge fan of fruity candies, the white chocolate Kit Kat laps the lemon crisp Kit Kat in terms of overall appeal. 

Fake chocolate or not, what the white chocolate is able to achieve is beyond incredible. It doesn’t overpower you with its manufactured sugar, allowing room for the wafer to work its magic as it dances inside your mouth.

Third on the list is the green tea Kit Kat. I haven’t tried it before, but a buddy of mine did once. He said it was pretty good, so I think number three is a good spot.

The number two Halloween candy is the original, milk chocolate Kit Kat. Nothing beats the original, and in the case of the Kit Kat, the milk chocolate gives you the proper amount of sweetness to make you crave more. Whenever I take a bite, it melts in my mouth without taking away from the wafer’s structural integrity, allowing me to enjoy it from start to finish without any regret when I reach out for another.

There’s also the fact that it was the first chocolate bar to be made out of 100% sustainable cocoa. This makes it not only one of the tastiest choices but also one of the healthiest candies you can grab off the shelves. Its supremacy over the other candies is unparalleled. 

With its signature snap and mesmerizing stick shape, there is nothing more appealing than the Kit Kat. Nothing can beat its beautiful taste. Nothing can beat its history and effect on childhoods worldwide. 

This would all be true though if it weren’t for the true king of Halloween candy. 

The tastiest candy to ever be invented is the one and only Arcor Strawberry-Flavored Hard Candy. To some, they are those candies in the strawberry packaging that no one knows where they came from, but in reality, they are the best thing you can find in your trick-or-treat basket, without question.

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