Somedays, when I feel like our politics have gotten out of hand and absurd, I remind myself we’re not Australia.

On Tuesday, Al Jazeera released the first part of a series of mini-documentaries titled How to Sell a Massacre on to its website. The series is the result of a three-year, undercover investigation by reporter Rodger Muller, who acted as an Australian gun lobbyist and is reportedly not Robert Mueller’s Australian persona, to uncover the National Rifle Association’s involvement in far-right Australian politics.

The documentary features footage of two prominent members of the Australian far-right One Nation party. The members met with NRA representatives to solicit a donation of 10 to 20 million dollars with the promise to remove Australian gun restrictions.

Scott Dickinson, one of the politicians caught in the video, said that Muller seemed like “a very reasonable guy” because he “wore an Akubra hat.” For anyone not sure what an Akubra hat is, envision the most Australian person you can. Whoever you just envisioned, they’re wearing an Akubra hat.

The politicians blamed their conduct on having gotten “into the sauce” (a euphemism for being intoxicated) and “skullduggery” from Al Jazeera. 

“This is stuff you see in James Bond,” said Dickinson, “I would never expect you would see this for real in the real world.”

Scott Morison, the Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the center-right Liberal party, condemned One Nation’s atempt "to sell Australia’s gun laws to the highest bidder” as  “abhorrent.”

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