In the absence of spring break, Creighton students are being gifted a singular day on March 10 to do whatever they want. While some might be infuriated by spring break plans that have wilted away, I’d like to look on the brighter side of things. 

This opportunity to recharge and refocus yourself for the long haul that is the second half of the spring semester is truly priceless. 

While similar to the inclement weather day, Wellness Wednesday is distinct in that it’s a planned departure from the normal. It gives participants the ability to prepare a day of reprieve that would otherwise not have existed. 

Plus, there’s a certain pleasantness about having an unexpected break from the norm. Because of this, weekends can sometimes feel standard and boring; however, Wellness Wednesday breaks that cycle of repetition. 

By breaking down traditional, weekly schedules, Wellness Wednesday demands its participants’ attention, and if you give it your proper attention, it can be a treat. 

Without even mentioning the events that Creighton will most likely be offering, there are a multitude of activities one can do to truly recharge one’s battery. 

You could create something, express your artsy side and truly let go of your worries for a couple hours. 

You could reconnect with others, people who maybe you haven’t seen in a while. You could also just strengthen previously held bonds by spending the day with your closest friends, going out and letting loose in the middle of the week! 

You could realign yourself, spending time to reflect on your semester, the goals you’ve set for yourself and how things have gone so far, creating a picture of a successful future. 

You could treat it as a lazy day and stay in. You could catch up on a show, watch a movie that you really wanted to see or read a book for fun for the first time in years. You could mercilessly vent through some video games or simply catch up on some sleep by not getting out of bed until the afternoon. 

You can reconnect with yourself and analyze if you are headed down a path that will create the best version of yourself possible, whether it be the people or the environment you’re in that pushes you forward or holds you back, so that you can feel content with yourself and thankful for what’s gotten you so far in life. 

You could catch up on action items that have routinely slipped your mind like going on a Target Run to grab miscellaneous items, cleaning your room, applying for jobs, updating your computer and phone software, checking emails or completing any other task that takes a longer amount of time to accomplish than you might first think. 

You could try something new, whether it be a new food or a new game. Anything that seems even the slightest bit adventurous would work, giving you a fun memory to recall at a moment’s notice. 

You could also just study all day like you normally would on an off day, getting ahead or catching up on your schoolwork. That’s the beauty of Wellness Wednesday. It’s yours to enjoy.

For me, you can find me on Wellness Wednesday practicing my ukulele, thrashing my roommates in “Super Smash Bros Brawl” and doing some homework. 

It’s a little bit of everything. What’s not to enjoy?

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