You are walking down the mall after your hardest class, and you decide to stop at Skutt to reward yourself with a venti iced vanilla latte.

You walk to the back of the line, where you put on your headphones to politely scroll through TikTok without disturbing anyone.

Suddenly, a shiver shimmies its way up your spine, not because Skutt is an Artic tundra, but because the couple in front of you in line just engaged in a big fat smooch.

Unfortunately for me, this story is not a work of fiction. PDA has always bothered me and recently, I have noticed it all over campus.

There are two main types of PDA: elegant PDA and PDA on steroids. An example of an elegant PDA would be an older couple leaning into each other on a park bench.

I feel as if older couples get a pass because it reassures the young that love truly does exist and admit it, it makes you smile.

Another example of an elegant PDA is hugging your significant other goodbye if you know you won’t see them in a while. Especially if they are doing long distance, I think that a hug goodbye is almost necessary.

I decided to write about PDA this week mainly because of one of my best friends. She has unfortunately been cursed by the PDA witch. Meaning: she is the one who always has to witness the horrors of PDA on steroids.

This girl cannot catch a break; she has seen everything from “conoodling” in the staircase on a Wednesday afternoon to self-pleasure in the Kiewit neutral zone.

This poor girl has been through it all, and she has been mentally affected by this PDA plague.

Almost everyone has a baffling PDA story. Most of these stories fall under the category of PDA on steroids.

Some things that should never be done in public would include talking to your partner in a baby voice while studying in the library, kissing your partner goodbye before dropping them off at class or sitting on someone's lap while peer-editing their essay.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed all these things.

Let's tackle the most seen PDA on cam- pus: handholding. Handholding, at times, can be excusable.

If you and your partner are trying to navigate through a huge crowd, holding hands might keep the two of you connected in order to stay together.

However, handholding while walking to class is something else. Holding hands while walking is uncomfortable.

Admit it, it's clammy and if you are walking uphill on the mall, you and your partner are holding hands with a nice layer of sweat. Who would enjoy that in the Nebraska heat?

All in all, PDA can be sweet, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

I am not saying that you and your partner should never show affection, but there is a middle ground that people can normally sense. PDA is a balance on a college campus and people won’t show you much grace.

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