When I was in fifth grade I told my teacher I wanted to be an OB/GYN; at the ripe age of twelve, I knew I wanted to deliver babies. Somehow that made sense and everyone in my life just went along with it. 

That eventually changed, thankfully, and as I went into college I thought I wanted to be an orthodontist. Still a little specific, but more achievable for an 18 year old. 

The summer before freshman year I was signing up for classes and I decided that taking biology and chemistry in the same semester wasn’t for me and I tried to pinpoint what I actually wanted to do. 

I decided to major in journalism because I found that I enjoyed writing and I felt I could utilize my skills in English. I don’t think I’m completely sold, but I think the same thing can be said for a lot of people. 

To me, it’s kind of absurd to tell someone they should have an idea of what they want to do for the rest of their life at 16 because, realistically, that person doesn’t know the first thing about their true passions in life yet. 

What’s a little more absurd to me is the amount of people that go to college and receive a degree in something that they don’t end up explicitly using. They pay for an education in a specific subject and end up using their degree in a different field and it’s not that person’s fault. 

Some people just end up not finding their true passion until they go out into the world and get real-life experience. 

I think Creighton does a good job of getting people out into the world while still at college, I’m just not sold on my major and that takes work on my end. Creighton has given me all the tools to find out what it is I want to pursue, but nobody can use the tools for me. 

I think I’ll stick with my Journalism major but I also believe that if after college I figure out that I want to pursue something else, I’ll do that. 

For me, I would get bored of one thing for too long unless it was truly a passion of mine; therefore, until I find that passion, I’m willing to float around for a while. I look at nursing majors and pre-med students and admire their commitment to, hopefully, their passion and I used to be upset that I didn’t share their passion for helping people lead a healthier life. 

I now realize that everyone has a different passion and a different level of desire to carry out that passion. Of course, I would tell everyone to reassess their life and make sure you do what is right for you, but I also realize that not all people have that luxury. I feel very lucky that my parents were supportive of me switching from a major that would have given me a six figure salary to one that is more focused on what I enjoy, but not everyone has that luxury. 

I may not be settled on my major but I do know that the path I’m on and the tools Creighton has offered me are leading me towards my passion. I just have to allow my life to play out however it pleases.

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