In this day and age, students are seen viewing their phones constantly for social media purposes, homework help, communication, and finding everything imaginable on google…nevertheless, social media is one of the main reasons people use their phones throughout the day.

Reflecting on how society was fifty years ago, there have been major cultural and societal shifts. From more complex education systems to more job opportunities, there has been a wide range of development across many categories.

Nevertheless, there is a divide between economic opportunities of those who have been educated and those who have not. In past generations, only certain classes went to university, but nowadays, there are a lot of helpful resources to help achieve ones’ goal.

Additionally, millennials have brought a lot more racial and ethnic diversity to society as a whole—not to mention, that this generation has women who are more likely to engage in holding position in the nation’s workforce.

Looking at how millennials construct their lives, it is interesting to see how they have been slower to forge marriages and form households. It is no secret that this generation is much more career driven and they want to make something of themselves before putting another individual in their picture frame.

Although this generation is very determined and ambitious, it has experienced some minor setbacks. Many millennials have to face unemployment and living costs paired with their student loan payments, so there is definitely a common test of a millennial’s character to succeed.

Thus, millennials start their jump into adulthood with less leniency with regards to financial mistakes; this generation needs to be ready to manage their money differently than past generations.

Aside from some minor difficulties, there is no doubt that technology is a gateway for many students to get their obligations done accordingly—the latest technology has changed peoples’ lives. The question that arises then: Has technology made our lives better or worse?

The simple answer is yes, but why? Well, technology has taken away from some people gaining their own knowledge or putting their own work in due to technology giving us our desired answers within two clicks.

With that, millennials certainly have it easier than previous generations due to more financial opportunity, academic opportunity, and technology being the gateway to an assignment getting done, finding an old friend, and communicating with people near and far, all just within just 2 clicks.

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