Money. Money. Money. Every college student constantly has this five letter word streaming through their heads with regards to tuition, spending, budgeting and debating if they really need to go out for meals every weekend.

Budgeting is critical because when one is not conscious about what they need to allocate funds for, they may find themselves racing to make ends meet.

As a college student, it is vital to set priorities on when and where your money is spent. I would recommend keeping a log of how much you are making each week. Then every time you go out, log the amount you spend to ensure you are not spending more than you are making.

This concept is easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you will be happy that you allocated enough money for things you actually desired and that were necessary.

College students can be considered the ultimate multitaskers. They are young adults who are working to pay for college, earn spending money and get a good education all at the same time; mistakes are bound to happen with all these moving parts.

Students need to be cautious of misusing student loan money, not using a budget or attending an overpriced college because they like the name — I find that a school is a school and the education will be about the same anywhere you go.

Maximize your money to its full extent to save for something you may need in the future. Enjoy your time in college. Do not let money be a hindrance, but be cautious of how you spend your resources.

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