I recently watched Our Planet on Netflix (I wrote a review on it too), and even as an avid climate change warrior, I was shocked at the scope if just how much we have destroyed our home and the animals and plants, we shared it with.

After the shock of the series, I became enraged about how people continue to claim that climate change is not occurring, and recycling does nothing. There is no excuse now. The amount of scientific and video evidence outweighs any sort of conspiracy theory. These images are not photoshop, the scientists are not lying to you and frigid winters are a sign of global warming rather than a defense against it.

Stop using unsupported facts to backup unsupported beliefs. I don’t care if someone thinks recycling is a moot point. Do it anyway. The apathy of one grows to the indifference of all and leads us further down our destructive path. Not caring does not make you cool, and it does not hurt the “liberal snowflakes.” It destroys any chance of future generations to live a life on a healthy planet.

I am no sustainable saint. Watching the series made me realize I am unknowingly making choices that further our planets decay, but at least I am recognizing it and making a change. Sure, moving away from single-use plastic and eating meat may be an adjustment, but it is a small price to pay to reverse the damage I have contributed.

We are not the only ones on this planet, and the sheer destruction of it is selfish. Science is correct, and there is no excuse to ignore it. So start doing some research and start changing the way we treat our home.

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