Part of what it means to be an American is free, honest press. However, when news sources fail to deliver accurate information, our rights and liberties become obstructed. The Creightonian’s October 25th article “Your guide to Omaha’s best pizza: the good, the bad[,] and the crispy,” failed to adequately depict the best pizzerias in the Omaha area. Specifically, the article rated Noli’s pizza as the worst pizza in Omaha compared to Lighthouse, Zio’s, Pitch, Orsi’s, and Tasty Pizza. While this evaluation is not only grossly inaccurate, it is an insult to the hardwork and dedication of Noli’s.

Noli’s claim to authentic New York style pizza succeeds where other restaurants undoubtedly fail. Conveniently located in the historic Blackstone District, Noli’s is the promised land of pizza. Upon entering you will immediately notice the warm atmosphere. Contemporary murals give the building a modern feel while not overpowering the historic impression. Moreover, the staff is both professional and friendly.

The servers are entirely familiar with the menu and will be able to provide excellent suggestions if you are finding it difficult to choose from their wide variety of pies and toppings offered. The food arrives in under 15 minutes and you can sense that the servers are proud to bring out the high-quality dishes. We were thoroughly impressed by the menu, which has something for everyone’s taste.

During our most recent visit, we had the pleasure of partaking in three specialty pies, and each one with tastefully paired ingredients for an exquisite flavor. The DiManzo (filet mignon, portabella, basil, caramelized onion, gorgonzola sauce, and balsamic glaze) stood out to us in particular for its bold mix of ingredients that yielded a surprisingly delectable pizza slice. The filet mignon was savory and well complemented by gorgonzola sauce. Each slice had just the right amount of basil, onions, and mushrooms so that nothing was overpowering or taking away from the taste that the chefs intended.

After our experience with the specialty pies, we had no doubt that the chefs know exactly how to make good pizza. Even if they don’t have what you’re looking for under the specialties, Noli’s offers fully customizable pizzas without unnecessarily steep upcharges (60 cents) for additional toppings.

It’s the close attention to details that brings these palatable pizzas as close to New York style as you can get. The restaurants motto “It’s the water” refers to the filtration system that owner and NY pizza fanatic Joel Marsh had installed to mimic the concentration of New York City's highly acclaimed, pure tap water. Mixing the water with an imported Italian Caputo flour and cooking in an 800-degree coal fire oven creates the perfect imitation of NY style pizza. At the time of my visit, Joel was present in the restaurant and happy to share this information with us when asked about it. Hearing this provided the perfect explanation to the authentic taste and firm, doughy texture of what may be the best pizza crust we have ever tasted.

Noli’s Pizzeria is a restaurant that gets it right the first time and that will always leave you satisfied.

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