It’s a word you’ll hear over and over again, whether you’re considering a pre-professional program, a graduate degree, or immediately pursuing your career after undergraduate. It seems like professors just can’t stop talking about theirs, and perhaps some of your classmates are also starting to become involved in it. It’s research, and it’s one of the best things you can do on campus.

I know a lot of students who are doing research, seemingly at every level and on every topic under the sun. I’ve also been lucky enough to engage in some biomedical research myself, and I’ve found time and time again when talking to other students who are doing research that we all agree on one thing: research opens your world up to a stunning amount of opportunities.

Whether you’re working with a professor whose work is interested in, or you’re just trying to decide if a career in research is right for you, the time spent pursuing knowledge will help you build connections with all kinds of amazing faculty members.

In addition to this, you’ll develop critical thinking skills that can be applied to all kinds of situations, especially the kinds you’ll encounter post-graduation. Arguably, most importantly, you’ll also get the chance to pursue what you’re passionate about, which is sure to shape your future for the better. So, don’t be intimidated to pursue it! Creighton faculty already do a fantastic job of integrating undergraduate students into their labs. As long as you’re willing to put the work in, the rewards are really going to be life-changing.

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