Last week, I attended the Turning Point immigration debate. I still am thinking about this. I guess with one main question in my mind: why, at a Jesuit school, did we need to lower ourselves to the point of inviting someone who encourages us to hate someone based on their religion? 

Turning Point has shown the ability to bring in national speakers such as Ben Shiparo. If you type in a quick google for conservative immigration speakers, websites like the Young Americas Foundation come up with hundreds of speakers who can talk about this issue many of who has spoken on college campuses about immigration policy. Conservative Political Action Conference also provides a list of speakers that spoke at their 2019 conference, many of whom appear on colleges campuses. None of these lists include Mark Christian. My question is again why did we bring him here? Yes, he is an immigrant, but on the websites, there are also immigrants who don’t lead groups that are recognized by the southern poverty law center as hate groups.  

Again, why did we bring him here? As students at a Jesuit University we are called to be "Men and Women for and with Others," how does his message help us with this ultimate goal of forming ourselves to be these "Men and Women for and with Others." I would certainly hope that all my fellow Creighton students see that Christ calls us to be loving to all people even those we see as an enemy. Also, for my fellow students who are not Christian or even religious at all, I hope that they can see the value of the person that is key to the central teaching of this university. 

I would argue that if we're going to be people who embrace hate in any form whatsoever, we should walk right up to Fr. Hendrickson’s office and ask for our money back because we could go to other schools, but we chose Creighton hopefully because we believe in the Jesuit values of the school. If we act with these values than we genuinely bring a sense of joy to Creighton, and we can grow as a community that understands and learns to value others.

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