The Creighton community has continued to stay connected during this time of isolation through the internet. 

Various clubs and organizations that had events scheduled for late spring have adapted and figured out how to broadcast to their audiences using a variety of social media platforms. 

Hui’O Hawai’i’s annual Lu’au, scheduled for April 4 was canceled on March 15 amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

The club announced on April 3 that they were going to celebrate the Lu’au of 2020 virtually with recaps of the 2019 Lu’au via Instagram, where they utilized Instagram’s IGTV feature to livestream videos to their followers. 

The Violence Intervention and Prevention Center, responsible for Take Back the Night, has moved a number of their events to virtual, including Take Back the Night and a Trivia Night about interpersonal violence and bystander intervention. 

Information on either of the VIP Center’s events can be found through their Instagram. 

Campus Ministry is utilizing Zoom to continue ENGAGE. Led by College of Arts and Sciences seniors Angie Ngo and Nick Goodenow, this ENGAGE reflects on closure and gratitude. Students can RSVP through CUInvolved.

And with the campus fitness centers closed, Recreation and Wellness are now offering workout classes virtually so that students can stay connected and stay fit. Their Instagram also has workout videos posted daily. 

CUInvolved and the SLIC bi-weekly newsletter are still a great way to stay connected with things that are happening virtually in the Creighton Community. 

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