Dear Brenda Bluejay,

I’ve been going through it. I’m a sophomore student in the Heider College of Business and I live in Kenefick this year. My freshmen year here was good, but I get homesick all the time and just feel like I don’t really belong here. I have friends, but most of them are just from my classes and I don’t really have a solid group of friends like I see most people do here. I decided to stay at Creighton sophomore year to see if things got any better from freshmen year, but it feels like things have gotten worse. Over fall break, I talked to my parents and they were thinking I should transfer to the community college near my house in Florida. I’m just really torn. I know if I leave, it will be like starting over there, but if I stay, I don’t want to waste my college experience without making the same memories everyone else is making. Please help!

-Sit Tight or Move Out

Hey Sit Tight or Move Out,

I’m so sorry you have had to face this issue in your time at Creighton. You are not the only student who has felt this way, and I am sure you won’t be the last. In fact, Princeton Review says one-third of students switch institutions at least once before finishing their degree. This is a very difficult decision to make and I want to make sure you know that in the end, doing what is best for you and your mental health is most important. Here’s my advice on steps to help make this decision. 

1. It sounds stupid, but I would start with some self-reflection. Ask yourself, what brought you to Creighton in the first place? What motivated you to travel here all the way from Florida? If those reasons have changed, maybe it is time to reconsider what you are looking for in the institution you attend. If those reasons are still important to you, try to figure out what you feel has changed since you decided to come here? Is it you? Your expectations? Even your major? A  great place to start with any major decision like this is to figure out your own headspace and mindset about everything.

2. You mentioned you haven’t really found a “friend group” yet. It can be difficult to naviagate the college life without a strong support network behind you, so I think that may be a major reason you feel you don’t belong. The easiest way to find your group is to focus on your interests; find a group or club and build your friends from there. If you haven’t tried Fraternity and Sorority Life, I personally think that’s a good place to start; those organizations are very large and can provide some deep social support. If that doesn’t interest you, I would suggest looking at CU Involved and going throught the listed organizations.

3. Ask advice from professors. The professors we have at Creighton are so caring and genuinely want the best for you. They will give you honest feedback and advice and help you find what is best for you and your future. If not professors, your RA, advisor, family and more can help give you guidance on this.

I wish I had the perfect answer for you. However, I don’t think there is one. This is a difficult choice, but just know I’m thinking of you and truly want the best for you, your future and mental health!

Keep Flying,

Brenda Bluejay

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