At a time when the world is sweeping with news of treatment updates, it can be easy to overlook the best medicine of all, laughter.

The Creighton Students Union Program Board organized a virtual comedy show on Feb. 10 with stand-up comedian Jessi Campbell.

“I like how she brought humor into our situation and helped make things not seem as dark as they were,” vice president for programming in the Creighton Students Union, Emma Hickman, said.

“It was nice to have a good time, relax and try to look at the bright side at this time.”

Jessi Campbell is a performer who got into comedy in her late teens and has since made relatable and engaging content for a wide range of audience members.

Some of her most notable accomplishments have been appearing on Last Comic Standing on NBC, releasing her debut comedy CD “Winner Winner” on several platforms and even being named 2015 Female Performer of the Year by Campus Activities magazine.

She has performed at comedy clubs, bars, festivals, military bases and many college campuses throughout her comedian career.

Although Campbell is a seasoned performer, it was still an adjustment for her to perform to an audience through Zoom.

As a comedian, Campbell had to adjust to not being able to hear her audience because they were muted.

In order to combat this, the Zoom participants politely left their cameras open to allow Campbell to see their smiling faces and get a sense of their inaudible laughter.

“Jessi had such an amazing attitude and made fun of the whole situation. She even joked that she’d never done a show out of an empty dance studio before with nobody in the room,” sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and assistant vice president of programming in the Creighton Student Union, Brian Le, said.

“Many times, when we all use zoom it feels like we’re disconnected and almost dread it, but this was a unique experience to get to laugh out loud even over Zoom.”

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