A weekend of mingling, exploring and reunions await parents and families who visit campus for Creighton’s annual Family Weekend tradition. The schedule for this year’s three-day weekend that begins Sept. 20 features many on and off-campus activities including a tour of Omaha, a volleyball game, an arts and craft class and more. 

To participate in events, families are required to register online and pay a $35 registration fee per person that covers most of the costs for events. Some events such as a private arts and crafts class by The Makery, a local arts studio, costs an additional $15 to attend. 

Nearly 170 families have registered to participate, said Justin Stoeckle, assistant director of transitions in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. 

While some programs that are offered this year have “stayed pretty consistent” with past Family Weekend events, coordinators have always found new ideas to incorporate, commented Stoeckle. 

An on-campus farmers market and a family reception at the Thunderhead Brewing Taproom are some things that make this year’s Family Weekend different.

“Ultimately, our goal is to give families a chance to explore the city, explore campus and just spend quality time with one another,” said Stoeckle. 

The weekend kicks off on Friday with Creighton’s first-ever farmers market that features about 15 vendors from Western Nebraska, Iowa and some Creighton students who have been growing their own microgreens. The market will be held in the Anderson Plaza behind the Hixson-Lied building. 

Plans to have a “seasonal” farmers market come to campus from May through September are ongoing, said market manager Michael Linngren. 

“We want students to meet vendors, and vendors to meet students. There’s a lot of great folks out in the community that haven’t had the chance to really connect with each other,” said Linngren. 

Following that, families are invited to attend the family reception for dinner or an ice cream reception at Ted and Wally’s.

The series of events continues into Saturday beginning with trolley tours by Ollie the Trolley from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Families are encouraged to sign up for a tour if they are interested in participating. A volleyball game at the Ryan Athletic Center and the Homecoming Carnival at Sokol Arena will follow into Saturday afternoon. Other afternoon events will include the private arts and crafts class by The Makery in the Skutt Student Center Ballroom. The class is only open to 50 participants.

In the evening, families will be offered discounts at various restaurants in the Blackstone District and Old Market. 

According to Stoeckle, vendors include Blue Sushi, Renos Karaoke, The Blackstone Meatball and Stokes. Depending on the restaurant, students and their families can order discounted menu items or free appetizers as part of the discount deal. 

On Sunday, the weekend closes with a mass at St. John’s and a brunch at the Skutt Student Center.

Behind the activities and fun, Family Weekend is more than just a time for parents to revisit campus, explore Omaha or reunite with their students. 

“It is also a part of that Creighton community that we’re always talking about and just fostering that environment where everyone is important, not just our students. It takes a village. Our current parents need to be involved and we have different options for them to be involved too,” said Aurora Barker, associate director of parent and family program.

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