Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Award for Teaching Achievement, which gives Creighton students an opportunity to recognize an outstanding professor of their choice. 

Since 1970, professors from various Creighton colleges have been granted the RFK Memorial Award. The most recent recipients are Kelly Dineen, assistant professor for the School of Law, and Professor Annemarie Shibata of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

The award is distributed by the Creighton Student Union. According to CSU, the award is granted to faculty members who have “inspired students, presented subject matter effectively, and displayed considerable concern for students.” 

Sophia Herrera, a junior in the College of Nursing, described the qualities she looks for in an outstanding faculty member. 

“The thing I look for in professors is who cares, not only about the education but about the overall well-being of the students,” Herrera said. “And professors who know how to make the course applicable to everyday life.” 

Another student, Brandis Magrini, a junior in the Heider College of Business, said the RFK Memorial Award “sounds like a good way to recognize teachers for their efforts.” 

Students interested in nominating a professor for the award must do so by 4:30 p.m. on March 18; nominations are open now and can be accessed through CUinolved. 

Applications should include the nominee’s name and department, as well as some personal information from the student. 

In addition, students must upload a document with further detail on the faculty member’s accomplishments. Possible topics include the nominee’s competence of subject material, their ability to inspire students and their service to the university. 

Students cannot nominate a faculty member who previously received the RFK Memorial Award. The nominee must have at least two years of experience as a full-time faculty member to be considered. 

Marin Grehan, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, is planning on nominating one of her previous professors. 

“I was going to nominate my economics professor, but I’m pretty sure he’s already won,” she said. 

Students can see a list of previous award recipients on the Public Honors and Events page of Creighton’s website. 

The award winner will be announced at the 2022 May Commencement Ceremony. 

All students, including professional and graduate students, can nominate a faculty member for the award. 

If students or faculty members have questions about the award, they can email Leilani Hung, CSU’s executive vice president. Additional details can be found on the university’s website and on the CUinvolved homepage.

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