Coca-Cola with coffee product

Creighton’s Coca-Cola representatives distribute cans of the new Coca-Cola with coffee product in Skutt on Feb. 8.

Creighton’s Coca-Cola representatives sponsored a free sampling event in the Skutt Student Center to market the new Coca-Cola with coffee product on Tuesday.

Coca-Cola with coffee “sips like a Coke, [and] finishes like a coffee” according to the Coca-Cola website. This Brazilian coffee bean-infused product has been on the market in other countries but was only introduced in the United States on Jan. 25.

Coca-Cola with coffee comes in three flavors: dark blend, caramel and vanilla. They also make a zero-sugar version of the dark blend and vanilla. Each 12 ounce can has 69 milligrams of caffeine. The average 8 ounce cup of coffee has 95 milligrams, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The can comes with a conveniently placed QR code, which takes you to a smart label that indicates all of the nutrition information. Each regular can has 70 calories.

Many students stopped by to grab these cans on Tuesday. There were mixed reviews among consumers.

Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences Quinlyn Klade said, “I’m not a soda fan, but I feel like if you enjoy soda it wouldn’t be a terrible experience.”

The dark blend and caramel flavors were being distributed in the Skutt Student Center.

Senior in the College of Arts and Science George Borkovich tried the caramel flavor and said, “Woah that’s cool. It kind of tastes like a milk dud."

The “Coke flavor definitely overpowers the coffee flavor,” Borkovich added.

Oppositely, junior in the College of Arts and Sciences Bella Scipione tried the dark blend and said, “It tastes like you just had coffee and now you’re drinking a Coke.”

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