“Among Us” has taken over Creighton University during the COVID-19 semester. 

With easy gameplay and an interesting premise, “Among Us” is helping students have fun and stay safe during this rough time.

“Among Us” is an online game where four to 10 players attempt to repair their ship so they can return home. 

Little do the survivors know that imposter shapeshifters are onboard trying to eliminate the survivors before they fix the ship. 

Throughout the game, survivors are doing tasks trying to fix the ship while the imposters are trying to blend in while sabotaging, sneaking around the ship and ultimately eliminating the real survivors. 

All of this is done without talking until a meeting is called to vote someone off the ship. 

The game is won when the imposters are found and ejected out of the game, survivors finish all their tasks to fix the area, or the imposters eliminate the rest of the crew

Talking to the community at Creighton, “Among Us” has been a popular game to play with friends on and off campus. 

Clubs on campus are even using “Among Us” as a social activity they can do to socialize without meeting up in person. 

“I like how ‘Among Us’ is an easy social idea for any get together online,” said Heider Collge of Business junior Ryan Inagaki. “It helps people to engage with one another and in my opinion, is better than just sitting and chatting with one another.” 

Especially with COVID-19, students are thrilled there is a fun way of socializing with their friends while also staying safe. 

The game’s ease of access with multiple platforms to play it on along with the easy concept was also a plus for many college students. 

“I really like playing ‘Among Us!’ One of the best games to play with friends remotely,” said College of Arts and Sciences senior Sydney Dang. “What I like about ‘Among Us’ is its simple concept, easy to learn gameplay, and how it can bring friends together when we can’t always see each other.” 

Some students play the game because they enjoy the tactical and deceitful portions of “Among Us.” 

The games also are short, and many college students enjoy that they can play “Among Us” as a short break in between homework or watching lectures. 

“One thing I like most about it is people can join in for as long as they can and then leave whenever they want,” College of Arts and Sciences senior Matthew Wong said. “The strategies are also interesting, like faking tasks, how checking vents at specific times, looking for visual tasks.” 

“Among Us” 

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