After serving 36 years as the host of “Jeopardy!” Alex Trebek died peacefully on Sunday Nov. 8 after a long fight with pancreatic cancer. He was 80.

Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March 2019, but that did not stop him from continuing to host the trivia show. During this past season, he continued treatment and continued to host the program.

Alex Trebek hosted over 8,000 episodes of “Jeopardy!,” won seven Emmy awards, and is one of a select handful of celebrities to have a star on both the Canadian Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to a news release from Sony Pictures.

Ken Jennings, one of the top three highest-earning champions on the quiz show, expressed his sentiments on Twitter.

“Alex wasn’t just the best ever at what he did,” Jennings tweeted. “He was also a lovely and deeply decent man, and I’m grateful for every minute I got to spend with him.”

The loss of Trebek has been felt around the world, as many others chose to express their condolences on social media, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, remarking on his Twitter that “we have lost an icon.”

Creighton students also expressed their memories of Trebek.

“Alex Trebek was one of the few figures on TV that always provided kindness and laughter,” said Creighton sophomore Ben Orzolek. “He was a face of American entertainment, and he will be sincerely missed.”

Trebek chose to soldier through his illness and did not let his diagnosis get the best of him, Creighton sophomore Abby Porter said. 

“No matter what he was dealing with he wanted the best for Jeopardy,” said Porter. 

“He was transparent about his fight with cancer instead of hiding it from his fans. He continued his show and was in pain to give his viewers something to look forward to every week.”

For the time being, the “Jeopardy!” producers have not announced a new host for the show nor the plans for filming future seasons. Trebek is survived by his wife, Jean, 

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