Streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime. Run Time: 44 min. Category: True Crime, Serial Killer. 


True Crime is taking over. 


Whether it is in podcast form, a documentary or a TV series, True Crime is a hot topic. 


I am not proud of it, but I am a sucker for some serial killer drama. It has become my not-guilty guilty pleasure. 


Serial killers have almost become household names, like Ted Bundy, for example. As a culture, we’ve become obsessed with serial killers. 


Arthur Shawcross is one of those serial killers people are intrigued with. 


He was responsible for the death of 14 people in Rochester, New York, and became known as the Genesee River Killer.


This documentary is unlike most true crime documentaries. Often it is just a retelling of the crime from the documentary crew, a narrator or officials related to the case. 


However, this story comes straight from the man who committed the crimes. 


The viewer follows the crew as they go into Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison home to some of America’s most violent criminals, including Shawcross. 


They begin by going over the tragic deaths of the 11 women Shawcross murdered with Shawcross himself making comments about these women and their last moments alive. 


While this documentary is interesting, there is something really unsettling about hearing the stories of these murders from the man himself. 


For that reason, this is not for the faint of heart. If you plan on watching this documentary, be prepared to hear and see some gruesome details, including stories about the murders of children. 


The film crew intended for this documentary to take a look into what makes a person, like Shawcross, into a serial killer. While this film does a good job of that, it also shows that there is evil out there. To watch Shawcross casually talk about beheading a woman or snapping another woman’s neck just shows evil exists.


This documentary is truly disturbing, and anyone interested in watching this film should be prepared.

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