Freshman in the College of Nursing Amelia Greek gets ready to eat her dinner in her room with her roommate. Dining halls are only of- fering to-go options, and those with meal plans have gotten creative with where to eat their all-you-can-eat boxed food.

We’re used to this.

The Class of 2024 has been no stranger to cancellations.

After six months in this pandemic, I think it is safe to say that the two week “COVID break” in the spring that many schools promised went well beyond what any of us high school seniors had imagined.

At first, it was prom. Then, we joked about Zoom graduation, which quickly became reality. With so many high school events up in the air, this class quickly became accustomed to things being modified, switched online or just canceled entirely.

While most of us wish our freshman year was more like the one we had envisioned after years of build-up from movies and stories from our parents, just being able to live on campus and attend class in-person this fall is pretty cool.

A day in the life.

It all starts with the #CampusClear app.

Once I complete the daily self-screening and the app tells me I’m good to go, it’s all classes and studying.

Most of my day is spent trying to fill in the random gaps between classes and mak- ing tough decisions, like what meal I should get from Brandeis or what level of the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library to study on.

After my last trip to Brandeis for the day, there’s time to hang out with some of my friends, and I might even stop by the Kiewit Fitness Center for a late-night lift.

There is not much else to do but head back to my room once I am done at the KFC.

All in all, it seems pretty quiet. But maybe that’s just because I live in Swanson Hall.

Going with the flow.

All of this may sound pretty unusual to upperclassmen, but remember, freshmen have absolutely nothing to compare it to.

While we’re still in Phase 1 of the reopen- ing and most things — like visiting other dorms — aren’t allowed, we all stay excit- ed for the chance that things will start to change. As my roommate says, “things can only go up from here.”

I, for one, am just happy to be here. Many of my friends back home have started their freshman year of school online or are taking a gap year if they are not attending an out-of-state school.

I would much rather be taking an online class here at my dorm in Swanson than back in my room at home. Being on-campus here, even under strict rules, is better than being confined to my room with only my family to talk to.

The freshman class has experienced so many random curveballs this year that a semester of only knowing what your friends’ eyes look like doesn’t seem so strange.

I know that most of us are super grateful that we chose Creighton and that we get to have what a lot of our friends back home don’t: a freshman experience.

From here, we can just take it day by day and hope that we don’t get an email anytime soon titled “pack your bags.”

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