CUASA hosts soul food dinner in Brandeis

This table in Brandeis displays photos of important Black figures in history. CUASA partnered with Sodexo for its annual soul food dinner.

The Creighton University African American Student Association, CUASA, hosted a modified version of their annual soul food event on Feb. 26.

In order to allow this event to occur in the safest way possible, CUASA partnered with Sodexo to serve prepackaged soul food meals in the Brandeis dining hall.

These prepackaged meals consisted of foods that are typically prepared in the African American community such as fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread muffins.

In the past, this event was typically held in a shared space on campus and consisted of various forms of entertainment geared toward acknowledging and educating participants on Black culture and the impacts made by the African American community.

Members of the CUASA organization expressed that they hope that this event inspires positive change on Creighton’s campus.

“I hope it makes more Creighton students aware of Black History Month and what it has to offer. As well as the important historical Black people that have lived and worked for change,” said sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and CUASA secretary Lorraine Kagiri.

Although covid restrictions have prevented participants from sharing in the typical entertainment provided, CUASA was able to maintain their goal of edu- cating students on Black culture by placing informational boards and pictures all throughout Brandies.

“At each [meal] station we have a description of what the food that is being served means, and also some other informational and historical facts,” said sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and CUASA treasurer Mykel Parham.

“We also have a vigil set up in the center with pictures of Black leaders from all of history and pictures of our events scattered throughout brandies.”

In addition to the dinner, CUASA was also able to raise money for its organization by selling goodie bags and raffle tickets for various prizes such as Nike Air Force 1 shoes, Airpods, and gift cards.

In recognizing that some members of the Creighton community do not have access to the dining halls as they did before COVID resrictions were in place.

CUASA’s Vice President of Student Advocacy and sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences Jairus Reed said their members used their meal swipes to expand access to the dining hall.

Despite the success of the event, CUASA members look forward to hosting this event as they did pre covid restrictions.

“We already have some spectacular ideas and cannot wait for next year to come together once again,” said Reed.

“We are grateful to hear all of the great feedback from our participants and can- not thank everyone enough for their support.”

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