The College Admission Scandal documentary, “Operations Varsity Blues: The Admission Scandal” has dropped on Netflix. If you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, let us start from the beginning.

This documentary follows the fraudulent business of Rick Singer, a man who helped at least 50 high school students and their parents scheme their way into Ivy League universities.

Roger Ebert of reviews the documentary saying: “Most of all, Smith succeeds by capturing how this isn’t a case about an individual or the many parents who worked with him to cheat the system, but how the system itself is deeply broken.”

The recruitment process was then tainted for every other athlete trying to attend college for the sport they love. Gabby O’Connor, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and an athlete on the Creighton women’s tennis team, said in an online correspondence her first-hand experience with how the college admis- sion scandal affected student athletes throughout the country when her recruitment process with the Georgetown tennis coach ended abruptly.

She says, “It’s not fair to kids who have worked hard in their sport, much less kids who need those athletic scholarships financially.” O’Connor discovered that the Georgetown tennis coach Gordon Ernst accused of being involved in the scandal through the documentary.

This documentary is told in a series of reenactments of phone calls made be- tween Singer and parents and interspersed with talking heads about the process of catching these parents and Singer in the act. The documentary reports that Singer “amassed tens of millions of dollars” by manipulating the system to get wealthy families’ children into top colleges.

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